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Content Policy

By posting content in Onfry.com (hereby referred as "Onfry"), and its subsidiaries (Tevine, OfMMO), you allow Onfry to display that content publicly.

Content includes posts, comments, and other user generated content, but are not limited by these. You shall be responsible for resultant effects arising from you posting the content.

Onfry shall bare no copyright or legal fees arising as a result of content posted by the user. In addition, content posted on Onfry should meet certain acceptable standards.

Onfry also reserves the right to remove, refuse or modify any user generated content at its discretion. Onfry may also replicate your content somewhere else, or allow it to be used freely by others.

Your content should abide by the following guidelines (referred to as "content guidelines"):

  • Morality - Content you submit to Onfry should not contain Child Pornography or content that is meant to publicly shame or offend others.
  • Advertisements - Avoid the use of Onfry as an advertising platform unless otherwise permitted.
  • Minors - As the site is public and visible to minors, content on public channels should not contain content that is harmful to minors.
  • Spam - Do not post content repeatedly for the intention of mass advertising.
  • Malware- Do not post content that is malicious to other users.

Content Rights

Content posted on Onfry are owned by the author. However, by posting content on Onfry, you acknowledge that Onfry will have the rights to display, modify, and distribute such content across its subsidiaries.

It is expected that content posted on Onfry should be legally obtained. Content that violate copyright law, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or the Terms of Use of other services that Onfry relies on will be removed.

Content that is not directly or indirectly generated by users (the website layout, template, technology) is copyrighted by Onfry.

User Conduct


By using web services on Onfry, you acknowledge that you are of age 13 or above. If you are below the age of 13, please seek parental guidence before using the services provided by Onfry.

There may be content posted that are not appropriate for users under the age of 18. These content should be kept in private mediums and should not be posted on public areas.


Users are expected to abide by a reasonable level of conduct and discipline. Content guidelines are listed in the "Content policy" section.


Users are not required to use their real identities when using services on Onfry. However, users should not attempt to impersonate another person or entity.


By using our services, you acknowledge that you consent to our privacy policy.

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